green brick


green brick project

green brick project

The green brick project investigates the development of a new living material technology, which uses native plants and seeds as an ingredient and model. The resultant living bricks will be part structural and part biological, gradually transforming the city's infrastructure into a productive, fertile, healthy and edible green fabric. The ongoing research explores the relationship between three domains: the first domain investigates the superior performance of biological structures as compared to conventional man-made structures. The second investigates the criteria for a living material system and the third investigates the nature of growth, organisation and response in plants.

The green brick idea won the '10 Great Ideas to change the world', a global competition launched by IIT Bombay in 2010 . The competition was chaired by a panel comprising of Dr. R. Chidambaram, Principal Scientific Advisor to Government of India, Prof. Mark Welland, Head of Nanoscience in Cambridge University, Mr. Narayana Murthy, Non executive chairman and chief mentor, Infosys and American biologist, Dr. Craig Venter. The panel was chaired by Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, past president of India.





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